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Through vignettes, footnotes and asides we’re taken through a bristling satire at breakneck speed, which suddenly turns on a single image, or an observation which rings out among the backing tracks.

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Henry Bladon Writer

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Henry is a writer, poet and mental health essayist based in Somerset in the UK.


Many years ago, Henry qualified as a mental health nurse after working in a large Victorian mental hospital.

He attained a first-class psychology degree at Middlesex University (which he’s proud to say was a Polytechnic back then).

He completed his MA in mental health policy at the University of Reading.

His PhD thesis at the Department of Film and Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham examined the connection between literature and mental health.

Among other things, Henry currently provides free creative writing for wellness classes for people with mental health issues.


His academic writing focuses on mental health issues from the perspective of critical psychology.


His poetry and short fiction have been featured in over 100 different places.

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Impspired Press 2022

"poetland" is a collection of poetry about poets and how some of them write what they write. Take a dive into the strange world of the poet and enjoy some of the highs and lows from inside a poet's head!.  

Reader comment:

"This little collection is such great fun."

Psychobabble and Snake Oil

Egalitarian Publishing

Psychobabble and Snake Oil is a collection of poems about mental health in collaboration with the artwork of Dutch artist Marcel Herms. The collection seeks to highlight the hyperbole that has always existed in psychiatry. It also looks at the nature of suffering and offers thoughts and reflections on various different experiences.

Reader feedback

"Fascinated by your insight and it resonates so much I can't even tell you" 

Psychobabble and Snake Oil copy 2.jpg

Notes from the STATE of OMNESIA

(Impspired Press 2020)

‘This is a constant head-trip of a poetic novella: a bureaucratic dystopia which would be crushingly bleak if it wasn’t so anarchically, joyfully inventive and committed to its own logic. Through vignettes, footnotes and asides we’re taken through a bristling satire at breakneck speed, which suddenly turns on a single image, or an observation which rings out among the backing tracks. The cast may be made up of irredeemable grotesques, but this is still a work of soul and substance in its anger.’ - LUKE KENNARD

'Unnervingly prescient, idiosyncratic, and cinematic in its attention to detail, Omnesia is a compelling and ironic exploration of bureaucracy and identity. Out of a world built from existential dread, bathos, and frustrating technicalities emerges Bladon’s eye for futile precision. This is all my favourite things writing can do.' – JENNA CLAKE


Donald Trump’s Hair and other stories

(Alien Buddha Press, 2019)

A collection of various small stories. Very small stories. In fact, they are all 50 words exactly. Why 50? No real reason other than it’s a round figure and that it has become one of the recognised micro fiction genres.

‘Love this little book! So funny and thought provoking at the same time. Very cleverly written, will look out for more titles by this author.’

COVER copy.jpg


(Austin Macauley, 2017)

Tim has lived in Threeways for thirty odd years. And as he will tell you, these are odd years.   

Threeways Mental Hospital, 1975. Tim Cavendish has spent most of his life within the walls of the institution. With friends Mike and Sid, he grinds out his days in the never-ending boredom. It has been a long time since he thought about the possibility of leaving, until well-meaning nurse Ron comes along. 

Now, faced with the prospect of leaving his girlfriend Millie and abandoning his friends to the sadistic man in the hospital workshop, Tim has a decision to make, and something has to give...

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Then the World Changed-2.jpg

Then the World Changed - Poetry from the pandemic era

A poetry/art collaboration with Dutch artist Marcel Herms raising money for health services

‘A super little book of poems from Henry. Beautifully illustrated. Takes you away to various thoughts of life before and during covid. That being said there are lighter poems which will make you smile and look to the future. A super coffee table staple.’


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